Communications - AC 800M Communication interfacesCI862 Classic

TRIO, interface integrates TRIO/Genius I/O as a native AC 800M I/O. The TRIO interface to the AC 800M is via the CI862 CEX module. This module supports direct connection for one TRIO LAN and provides a port for the Hand Held Monitor.

A single CI862 can connect 30 blocks to a single LAN. The AC 800M can have up to four single LANs or four redundant LANs. The maximum I/O with TRIO in an AC 800M is 1000 IO points. The CI862 can be set redundant. The CI862 is the communication interface to the TRIO blocks (remote I/O) and manages the channel data for the AC 800M controller.

Features and benefits

  • The AC 800M controller supports up to four CI862 CEX modules and 1,000 TRIO/Genius I/O points.
  • TRIO supports CEX module redundancy.
  • The CI862 unit also handles the I/O configuration and I/O scanning of up to 30 TRIO blocks.