Communications - AC 800M Communication interfacesCI865

The CI865 module is the AC 800M system’s communication interface for Satt ControlNet and bridges different bus standards used on AC 800M and Satt ControlNet. The CI865 module makes it possible to use older Satt I/O system (Rack I/O and Series 200 I/O) with the AC 800M controller platform, but it cannot be used as a general ControlNet interface. CI865 cannot be used in a High Integrity controller.


Features and benefits

  • Satt 19 inch rack I/O, a rack-based I/O system, can be connected to AC 800M using the CI865 interface module
  • CI865 supports online replacement (Hot Swap), and does not require any configuration before installation
  • The CI865 unit handles I/O scanning of up to 31 distributed I/O systems