I/O Systems - Select I/OTB861V009

Select I/O is an Ethernet networked, single channel granular I/O system for the ABB Ability™ System 800xA automation platform. Select I/O helps decouple project tasks, minimizes the impact of late changes, and supports standardization of I/O cabinetry ensuring automation projects are delivered on time and under budget. A Signal Conditioning Module (SCM) performs the necessary signal conditioning and powering of the connected field device for one I/O channel.

A cluster of up to 12 I/O units can be connected to one FCI. If they are all on the same DIN rail, the I/O MTUs are connected to each other. The Modulebus then goes though the I/O MTUs.

If not all the I/O MTUs can fit on the same DIN rail, TB861 can be used to extend the Modulebus to the first I/O MTU on the next DIN rail. The outlet part is connected to the bottom of the last I/O MTU on the first DIN rail. The inlet part is connected to the top of the first I/O MTU on the second DIN rail. TB861V009 extends the Modulebus from one DIN rail to another. Length 0.9 m.

Features and benefits

  • Extends the Modulebus from one DIN-rail to another. Length 0.9 m.
  • Available in three lengths
  • DIN rail mounted. 2 locking devices (one locks outlet to DIN rail and one locks inlet to DIN rail).