Communications - AC 800M Communication interfacesCI874

The CI874 is an AC 800M communication interface that connects to external Ethernet devices using the OPC UA protocol. The TP867 Baseplate has one RJ45 Ethernet connector that supports 100Mbps. The CI874 expansion unit contains the CEX-Bus logic, a communication unit, and a DC/DC converter that supplies the required voltage from +24 V supply through the CEX-Bus.

CI874 is represented as a hardware module within the Control Builder hardware tree. The CI874 module will only work with System 800xA 6.1.1 and subsequent versions.

Features and benefits

  • CI874 supports connection with OPC UA servers
  • CI874 can be configured as redundant
  • User can perform the upgrade of CI874 software components, called as online upgrade
  • CI874 has a Web Server Interface who offers access to CI874 specific information used during commissioning and maintenance
  • CI874 supports hot swap without any configuration changes